Motor protection controller WDH-31-200 serves for the protection for low-voltage AC asynchronous motor, and can substitute thermal relay, time relay and transmitter; the controller has wide protection scope, accurate and reliable action, and enables visualized troubleshooting, and can help customers to judge fault causes quickly and lower economic losses.


Control modeProtection modeMeasurement

Singal-phase voltage, three-phase current


Overload inverse time, starting timeout, locked-rotor, obstruction, short circuit,

current imbalance, phase failure, underload, over flow, overvoltage, 

undervoltage, residual current, phase sequence, temperature, analog input,  

tE time, external fault protection, all the protection function can set the

alarm value and action at the same time, and can be cast out, respectively
Fault record

Record the recent three faults of the motor and indicate the fault type


Supporting 1-channel Modbus-RTU or Profibus-DP communication protocol

Supporting 1-channel control relay,1-channel signal relay

Supporting 1-channel 4-20mA analog output

Installation dimension


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