With the development of communication industry, there are more than a million 4G base stations in China now. After 5G standard is released, big operators and tower groups are laying out a new generation of communication base stations. As a result, the power consumption of base stations is rising. Intelligent monitoring and fine management of communication base stations is becoming the research directions of operators.

Base station sharing between carriers can reduce social investment, but carriers are beset by power consumption metering. Smart AC power meters are adopted to realize sub-item electric measuring and branch metering in base station so as to achieve energy consumption management and status monitoring for the equipment of carriers such as Mobile, Unicom and Telecom. They can also upload data to monitoring platform through FSU and provide reliable guarantee to post operation. Branch metering equipment for base station meets the standard of QZTT 2205-2017 Technical Requirements of DC Electric Measurement Module, and smart AC power meters meet the standard of QZTT 1017-2015 Technical Requirements of AC Smart Power Meter for Base Station.

Reference standard

YD/T 585-2010 Distribution equipment for communication

YD/T 1051-2000 General technical requirements for the power system of the communication bureau (station)

YD/T 1363-2005 The centralized monitoring and management system for power, air conditioning and environment in the communication bureau (station)

QZTT 2205-2017 Technical requirements of DC electric measurement module

QZTT 1017-2015 Technical specification for AC smart meter in base station

Power distribution composition in base station

Power supply system in base station is composed of AC and DC power supply systems. AC power supply system is composed of one mains power supply, one mobile diesel engine power supply, surge protector, AC distribution cabinet with conversion function between mains power supply and diesel engine power supply. DC power supply system is composed of high frequency compound switching power supply (including AC distribution unit, monitoring module, rectifier module and DC distribution unit) and two groups (or one group) batteries.

AC distribution cabinet provides power to switching power supply, air conditioner, lighting and sockets in base station. Multi-loop AC meters are adopted for high accuracy branch measurement in a base station, switching power supply, air conditioner, lighting equipment and sockets are powered by AC distribution cabinet, and high accuracy branch measurement is realized by multi-loop AC meters. However, various communication equipment is powered by DC power supply system. DC electric branch metering equipment is adopted to realize energy consumption monitoring for communication equipment of different carriers. At last, all the data is transmitted to operation and maintenance monitoring platfor through FSU equipment to achieve effective monitoring and operation management for energy consumption in base station.

Branch metering equipment for base station provided by our company is as follows:

Configuration solution

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